• High Density Cartridges
    - Quality Cartridges Heater from
    Italy Surface load 1000 C maximum
    - Diameter 6.5, 8.0, 10.0, 12.5,
    16.0, 20.0 mm 1/4,3/8,1/2,5/8 inch
    - Length25 mm up to 1000 mm
    - Any Voltage
    - Within/without Thermocouple
    - More than 1000 item standard size
  • Coil Nozzle Heater - Size 1.0 x 1.6 mm up to
    - High watt with all connection
    - Specic load
    - 12 - 45 w/cm2
    - Surface load 650 C maximum
    - Any voltage, Any coil
    - Within/without Thermocouple
    J or K Type
    - Coil type with Tangential,
    Axial and radial exit
  • Mica Nozzle Heater - Standard power density for
    Brass is 4.5 w/cm2 and for
    stainless is 7.0 w/cm
    - Standard Brass tubular sheath
    (Alsoavailable in stainless steel)
    - Any Voltage
    - Perfect roundness
    - Extremely small connecting cap
  • Thermocouple and
    Resistance Sensors
    - Standards model is AISI 304,
    310, 316, 316 and Incoloy Material
    - Standards Type J (Fe-Cu-Ni),
    Type K (Ni-Cr-Ni)
    - RTD 100 or 2 x RTD 100 with
    2,3,4 wires.
    - Standard size or Made to order
  • Fittings Accessories - Taper and parallel Push-in Fittings
    - Quick Fit M5,M6,1/8,1/4,3/8,1/2
    - Threaded Adaptors M5, G1/8,
    - Tube Fitting and Speed Controlle
    - PU/PE/Nylon/Air Hose
    - Accessories
  • Insulation Jacket
    (Saving Energy Product)
    - Energy saving insulation for air conditioned operation room for injection machine. and blow molding machine
    - Tailor made size according to existing dimensions
    - Maximum resistance temperature 900 C
  • Hand Pallet Truck - Capacity: 2000/2500/3000Kg
    - Lowest forks height 85/75/65mm
    - Lifting height 195/185/175mm
    - Forks length 1000/1100/1150/1220mm
    - Forks width 520/550/685mm
  • Semi Electric Stacker - Capacity 1000-2000Kg
    - Lifting height 1600-3300mm
    - Frame type Single Double
    - Lowest forks 90mm
    - Forks length 1000mm
  • Solenoid Valve - 100 Series Solenoid/Air Control Valve
    - PU Series Solenoid Valve
    - HV Series Hand Lever Valve
    - 4F Series Foot Valve


ROLLMAX microtubolar healers are revolutionary heaters, able to work also in most difficulf conditions.

The external sheath is made in CrNi steel in which inside a resistive wire, uniformly distributed, is insulated in a high compressed MgO compound . Aiter annealing in controlled atmosphere, they become very salt to coil thus allowing also very complicated shapes with very small bending radii.

Thanks to their versatility and reliability they are suitable lar a lot ot ciilterent applications .

Developed lor solving the problem at the ditlerentiated heating ol the plastic material injection nozzles, they are now employed in the mast different and complex fields.

Aeronautical, space, railways, chemical, metallurgical, food, glass, paper cutomotive, naval, packaging, medical industries etc. could find solution of their heating problems thanks to ROLLMAX microtubolar heaters.


- Wide contact surface to allow perfect heat transmission between heater and surface to be heated
- Optimal electrical insulation and extremely long life
- Sturdy construction resisting to mechanical shocks
- High working temperatures (up to 750°C)
- Built Thermacauple for high precision thermal control (J - standard , K - upon request)
- Minimal thermal inertia
- Possibility to be coiled / bended also in very complex shapes
- Possibility to be incorporated in brass cast elements
- Eight cifferent cross sections to best fit with every application
- Large range at standard sizes available frorn Stock

ROLLMAX 3,3 x 3,3

ROLLMAX 2,2 x 4,2

Table of stundurd types available from stock


ROLLMAX Ø 3,3 e Ø 3,7

ROLLMAX 1,8 x 3,2


MINI ROLLMAX 1 ,3 x 2,3


MINI ROLLMAX with MINIMAX clampimg band

High precision Heating Bushes FORMAX

Heating elements with reflector tubes "EASY MAX" ter hot runner systems


Since over 20 years an inimitable teature ot Rottil heaters.

SC400 crystal compound is a unique sealing which guarantees the maximum insulation and the longest lite ot the heaters also in extreme working conditions.

SC400 represents a durable and elticient barrier preventing any contamination to get inside the heater.

Moisture, water , acid , oils , gas etc cannot get through the SC400 barrier whose main characteristic is the pertect adhesion to the metallic and ceramic walls inside the heater and can withstand to working temperatures up to 400°C.

Standard on all Mini Rollmax 1,3x2,3 , available upon request on all other cross sections.

Ceiling machine for ROLLMAX

This tool is available trom stock.
It allows to coil ROLLMAX heaters precisely and easily preserving all electrical characteristics ot the heaters as well as a good contact between the internal surtace ot the ROLLMAX and the surtace ot the cylinder to be heated.

It also toresees a screw device that with the help ot a graduated scale allows a precise spacing ot the coils and the desired orientation ot the cable outlet.

The machine is supplied together with an instruction manual with allows immediate and easy operation.

These instructions are also available on our internet web page under "Rollmax" section. In case ot order please specity the diameter ot cylinder on which the ROLLMAX must be assembled. Every diameter requires a specilic mandrel.

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