• High Density Cartridges
    - Quality Cartridges Heater from
    Italy Surface load 1000 C maximum
    - Diameter 6.5, 8.0, 10.0, 12.5,
    16.0, 20.0 mm 1/4,3/8,1/2,5/8 inch
    - Length25 mm up to 1000 mm
    - Any Voltage
    - Within/without Thermocouple
    - More than 1000 item standard size
  • Coil Nozzle Heater - Size 1.0 x 1.6 mm up to
    - High watt with all connection
    - Specic load
    - 12 - 45 w/cm2
    - Surface load 650 C maximum
    - Any voltage, Any coil
    - Within/without Thermocouple
    J or K Type
    - Coil type with Tangential,
    Axial and radial exit
  • Mica Nozzle Heater - Standard power density for
    Brass is 4.5 w/cm2 and for
    stainless is 7.0 w/cm
    - Standard Brass tubular sheath
    (Alsoavailable in stainless steel)
    - Any Voltage
    - Perfect roundness
    - Extremely small connecting cap
  • Thermocouple and
    Resistance Sensors
    - Standards model is AISI 304,
    310, 316, 316 and Incoloy Material
    - Standards Type J (Fe-Cu-Ni),
    Type K (Ni-Cr-Ni)
    - RTD 100 or 2 x RTD 100 with
    2,3,4 wires.
    - Standard size or Made to order
  • Fittings Accessories - Taper and parallel Push-in Fittings
    - Quick Fit M5,M6,1/8,1/4,3/8,1/2
    - Threaded Adaptors M5, G1/8,
    - Tube Fitting and Speed Controlle
    - PU/PE/Nylon/Air Hose
    - Accessories
  • Insulation Jacket
    (Saving Energy Product)
    - Energy saving insulation for air conditioned operation room for injection machine. and blow molding machine
    - Tailor made size according to existing dimensions
    - Maximum resistance temperature 900 C
  • Hand Pallet Truck - Capacity: 2000/2500/3000Kg
    - Lowest forks height 85/75/65mm
    - Lifting height 195/185/175mm
    - Forks length 1000/1100/1150/1220mm
    - Forks width 520/550/685mm
  • Semi Electric Stacker - Capacity 1000-2000Kg
    - Lifting height 1600-3300mm
    - Frame type Single Double
    - Lowest forks 90mm
    - Forks length 1000mm
  • Solenoid Valve - 100 Series Solenoid/Air Control Valve
    - PU Series Solenoid Valve
    - HV Series Hand Lever Valve
    - 4F Series Foot Valve

Thermocouples & Thermoresistances

Temperature probes are basically two wires with particular thermoelectric features, electrically insulated from each other and from the external protection body. This type of temperature gauge is very reliable and quickly responding. Depending on their various construction features, they are individually optimized to fully tit in a great number of industrial applications. The most significant input data needed to design a temperature probe are operative temperature range and working conditions.

MgO Insulation Thermocouples
MgO-insulated thermocouples are made of two or more wires, inside a highly compacted MgO insulation powder. Various materials can be used for the external metallic body, according to the specific working conditions. MgO-insulated thermoccuples are manufactured and tested according to ASTM E6O8, and comply to ANSI MC 96.1 or DIN 43710 standards.

Conventional Insulation Thermocouples
The thermocuple leads are inserted in ceramic insulators, that are housed, together with alumina powder, in protective bodies to ANSI/DIN specilications. The main application of these temperature gauges is when no vibrations, mechanical stresses or pressure loads are applied.

Thermocouple Junction Types
There are 3 types of wlrejunction in thermocouples. The type shall be chosen according to the characteristics of the application. The below comparison chart might help.

Thermocouple Types
Thermocouples are supplied in various types, depending on the materials of wires, according to ANSI It/IC96.1, DIN 43710 or other regulations. The different types have different physical and electrical characteristics, making each of them Ht for a specific type of application. Types are defined by a letter. While ordering a thermocouple, the standard of reference (typically ANSI, DIN or IEC) shall be specified.

PT 1000 thermoresistances are made of materials whose resistance depends from temperature. Platinum-wired thermoresistances have a highly linear characteristic, which makes them fit in the temperature range -220°C tc 850°C. Less precise thermoresistances are made cf Nickel. Their resistance can drift in time, their characteristic is less linear and range is limited to: -60°C to +180°C.

MgO Insulation Thermoresistances
Housing bodies are in Nickel or AISI 304 stainless steel, though AISI 310, AISI 316 or PVC-enameIIed bodies are also available for highly corrosive environments.

Conventional Insulation Thermoresistances
Conventional insulation thermoresistances are manufactured to IEC or DIN specifications, consisting in a platinum or nickel wire coiled on a ceramic or glass insulating core.

TC002, MgO-Insulated Thermocouple

TC004, MgO-Insulated Thermocouple
Bayonet thermoccuple with adjustable spring contact pressure and plunging length. Typical application is temperature probing within metallic plates.

TC400, Conventional Insulation Tharmocoupla

TC402M, Conventional Insulation Thermocouple
Bayonet thermocouple with adjustable spring contact pressure and plunging length, Typical application is temperature probing within metallic plates.

TC402F, Conventional Insulation Thermocouple
Bayonet thermocouple with adjustable spring contact pressure and plunging length, Typical application is temperature probing within metallic plates.

TC403, Conventional Insulation Thermocouple
Thermocouple with a brass mounting ring welded on the sensing tip, for screw fixing on surfaces.

TC404, Conventional Insulation Thermocouple
Thermocouple with adjustable mounting band for fixing on pipes or similar.

TC405, Conventional Insulation Tharmocoupla
Therrnocouple with pin-and-hole construction for positioning and screw-fixing on surfaces.

TC600, Conventional Insulation Thermocouple
Immersion thermocouple with protected connection head.

TR800, Conventional Insulation Tharmoresistance

TR801, Conventional Insulation Thermoresistance
Bayonet thermoresistance with adjustable spring contact pressure and plunging lengthi Typical application is temperature probing within metallic plates.

Special Constructions
Thermocouples and thermoresistances are quite often a very customized product.

In case you do not find the model fit for your application among those in this catalogue, please submit us your detailed specifications and possibly a drawing, or contact our sales engineers, to define the best thermosensor for your application.

Compensated Connectors and Cable
Compensated connectors are available, with contacts of the same material ot thermocouple wires. They can be supplied either loose or connected to the thermocouple cable. Thermocouple cable is also available, for all thermocouple types, and with various types of insulation and protection. Please, contact our sales engineers for assistance.

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