• High Density Cartridges
    - Quality Cartridges Heater from
    Italy Surface load 1000 C maximum
    - Diameter 6.5, 8.0, 10.0, 12.5,
    16.0, 20.0 mm 1/4,3/8,1/2,5/8 inch
    - Length25 mm up to 1000 mm
    - Any Voltage
    - Within/without Thermocouple
    - More than 1000 item standard size
  • Coil Nozzle Heater - Size 1.0 x 1.6 mm up to
    - High watt with all connection
    - Specic load
    - 12 - 45 w/cm2
    - Surface load 650 C maximum
    - Any voltage, Any coil
    - Within/without Thermocouple
    J or K Type
    - Coil type with Tangential,
    Axial and radial exit
  • Mica Nozzle Heater - Standard power density for
    Brass is 4.5 w/cm2 and for
    stainless is 7.0 w/cm
    - Standard Brass tubular sheath
    (Alsoavailable in stainless steel)
    - Any Voltage
    - Perfect roundness
    - Extremely small connecting cap
  • Thermocouple and
    Resistance Sensors
    - Standards model is AISI 304,
    310, 316, 316 and Incoloy Material
    - Standards Type J (Fe-Cu-Ni),
    Type K (Ni-Cr-Ni)
    - RTD 100 or 2 x RTD 100 with
    2,3,4 wires.
    - Standard size or Made to order
  • Fittings Accessories - Taper and parallel Push-in Fittings
    - Quick Fit M5,M6,1/8,1/4,3/8,1/2
    - Threaded Adaptors M5, G1/8,
    - Tube Fitting and Speed Controlle
    - PU/PE/Nylon/Air Hose
    - Accessories
  • Insulation Jacket
    (Saving Energy Product)
    - Energy saving insulation for air conditioned operation room for injection machine. and blow molding machine
    - Tailor made size according to existing dimensions
    - Maximum resistance temperature 900 C
  • Hand Pallet Truck - Capacity: 2000/2500/3000Kg
    - Lowest forks height 85/75/65mm
    - Lifting height 195/185/175mm
    - Forks length 1000/1100/1150/1220mm
    - Forks width 520/550/685mm
  • Semi Electric Stacker - Capacity 1000-2000Kg
    - Lifting height 1600-3300mm
    - Frame type Single Double
    - Lowest forks 90mm
    - Forks length 1000mm
  • Solenoid Valve - 100 Series Solenoid/Air Control Valve
    - PU Series Solenoid Valve
    - HV Series Hand Lever Valve
    - 4F Series Foot Valve

ULTRAMAX High Power-Density Cartridge Heaters

ULTRAMAX are a new generation of high wattage electric heating elements, having high power in a limited area and ensuring, all the same, excellent reliability under heavy-duty working conditions. The special technology used in their construction make them the most advanced type of heating element.
The nickel chrome wire wrapped around a magnesium oxide core is situated in a peripheral position, with a very thin compressed insulating layer between wire and sheath. This allows efhcacious heat exchange, thus maintaining the temperature of the resistance wire at a much lower level compared to other heating elements where the wire is situated in the center. Furthermore, not only do they owe total reliability to the use of advanced technology and precise inspection techniques during manufacture, but also to the use of Hrst-class material from the best sources on the market.

Cable Options


ULTRAMAX heaters can be supplied with flexible cables coming directly out of the cartridge. These are suitable when a highly flexible cable is required also near the head. With this solution, the cartridge head must riot exceed the temperature of 260 °C. For higher temperatures, contact our Customer Service.


ULTRAIVIAX cartridges can be supplied with cables protected by a flexible tube of galvanized steel (standard version), or stainless steel (ori request). This type of protection is advisable to avoid the cable being smashed. grazed or torn.


ULTRAMAX cartridges can be supplied with the cable protected by a flexible metallic braid, in galvanized steel in the standard version, in the stainless steel braid upon request. This type of protection is advisable for protecting the cable from operations and tears while maintaining excellent flexibility.


ULTRANIAX cartridges can be supplied with solid nickel wires, either naked or insulated by a silicone sheath, silicone glass, tetion, or ceramic beads.This solution is useful when, for assembly purposes or mechanical needs, the input wires need to be particularly rigid.


ULTRAMAX cartridges can be supplied with nickel cables insulated with ceramic beads (A), or with ceramic Hber(B). One of these solutions is indispensable when the cables are in areas with constant temperatures above 250 °C.


ULTRAMAX cartridges can be supplied with cables protected by corrugated tlexible tube with continuous wall of stainless steel welded to the cartridge sheath. This solution is indispensable when the cables are exposed to liquids. corrosive gases, dangerous areas, etc.


ULTRANIAX cartridges can be supplied completely sealed. Due to the hygroscopicity insulating ceramic material. our ULTRAMAX cartridges can easily absorb atmospheric humidity and thus decrease their electrical insulation. Though this can be avoided with a short period of pre-heating, to solve once and for all the problems, ULTRAMAX cartridges must be sealed -with resins or silicones when head temperature is below 250 °C; with our patented SC 400 system when the temperature is over 260 °C (see page 22). Sealing is indispensable when the cartridge head might be exposed to washing, oil leaks, corrosive gases, etc.

90° - Cable Outlets

Pins and Fast-Ons


ULTRAMAX cartridges with a diameter of 12.5 or mere can have threaded ends, with nuts and washers for electrical connections This solution is useful for connecting two or more ULTRAMAX cartridges in parallel near one another.


ULTRAMAX cartridges with a diameter over 14 mm can be supplied with faston connectors, solidly built into the cartridge head.

High-Temperature Sealing

SC 400 is a seating against humidity, compatible with high temperatures.

The magnesium oxide in the core of all high-power density cartridge heaters is an excellent electrical insulator and a good heat conductor. However, it has a high hygroscoprc characteristic, therefore heaters that are not “turned on" and are in a humid environment tend to lower their level of lnsulation, which sometimes can cause safety devices to intervene at start-up ln the worst cases the heaters might get irreversibly damaged by short circuit.

If the temperature of the heater’s head does not exoeed 260"C, the head sealing can be made in resins or silicone, but for higher temperatures or higher safety ratios, other solutions are required.

Rotfil found and patented the solution to this problem; SC400 is a perfect sealant against humidity, irreversible, resistant to high pressures and continuous high temperatures of up to 400 °C.

It does not change its structure or characteristics in the years, it is resistant to water, acids, air pollution, and does not char. lt is not immersion proof.

SC 400 is an inorganic compound that is fused into the heater’s head in a contro|led-cyc|e process, thus forming a cohesive seal adherent to the metal surfaces at molecular level. lt totally protects all internal components from pollution and oxidation, increasing the life of the heater,

The use of ULTRAMAX SC 400 cartridges is indispensable everytime you need a high safety level and high reliability Typical application Helds include medical and surgical equipment, aerospace, nuclear-energy, military


even with high temperatures

IPERIVIAX Extra-High Density Cartridge Heaters

IPERMAX extra-high density cartridge heaters are a product of Rotfi|’s research laboratories.
Developing an exclusive manufacturing technology, Rotfil technicians have standardised a production Hrst intended for aerospace industry.

Such technology allows high compression ratios even on Iow-density insulating powders such as boron nitride (BN), obtaining a product similar to ULTRAMAX cartridges but much superior in performance.

IPERMAX cartridge heaters are the best heaters under all following aspects:

-High Watt density reached
-High insulation at high temperatures
-Same insulation values when cold
-Max. working temperature up to 1000 °C
-High thermal conductivity
-Maintenance of the electrical and mechanical characteristics throughout time
-Abi|ity to work in open air
-Abi|ity to work in spoiled seats or in seats with too big clearance
-AbiIity to work in heat-accumulating or Iow-dissipation environments
-\/ery long life duration

It is recommended to use these heaters not only when the work conditions required are incompatible with other types of heaters but also when there is the need to use an extremely reliable heater. Particularly suitable for applications in the aerospace, medical, military industry, or in high-output fully-automated plants with high downtime costs. Due to its very special construction technology, IPERIVIAX cartridges are currently manufactured only in diameters; 12.5 -14 -16 mm. Ask our Customer Service for other sizes.

SUPERIVIAX Middle Density Cartridge Heaters

Supermax cartridge heaters are recommended wherever the performance of Ultramax cartridges is not fully
needed. In Supermax construction, the same materials used in Ultramax are used, though manufacturing technology is simpler, due to lower watt density, and therefore the whole process is more economical. Supermax cartridges have one or more U-bent spirals in a cartridge core of compacted magnesium oxide, with the spirals nearer to the axis of the cartridge than in Ultramax heaters, as heating power is lower and thermal conductivity of compacted magnesium oxide is highly sufhcient to spread heat, therefore with total reliability and safety even in extreme work conditions. Due to their simple construction, Supermax cartridges are perfect for being shaped in various ways for the application needed. They can have cold sections at ends, and/or with differentiated watt densities or independent circuits tor separate sections. They are widely used rn elements longer than 500 mm whenever watt density is kept below the value of 15 W/cmz.

Efficiency and life of Supermax heaters, as for all electric heaters, depend on proper use. When the purpose is to heat a metal object, the hole that is to house the cartridge shall be manufactured with the strictest possible tolerance and minimum clearance (please also check cartridge diameter tolerance on the data sheet). The smallest the clearance, the higher the heat exchange, the lower the cartridge temperature and therefore the longer the life of the heater

If holes are manufactured with a considerable clearanoe or a high watt density is used, or in any case in which the application is demanding, we advise one ofthe following:

- A higher number of heaters can be used, therefore with lower watt density and heat exchange.
- A lower wattage can be used, while extending the heating up time
- A shorter Irfe of the heaters can be accepted. Ultramax cartridges can be used instead of Supermax cartridges.

Supermax heaters are normally used in practically any cartridge heating application, depending only on the watt density needed. Their most typical applications, though, are those in which a long element with medium watt density is required, and in particular in welding bars for thermoplastics, press plates, dryers, defrosters, etc Also typical is the application in the heating of gases and liquids or of small metallic bodies, as well as in relatively progressive heating They are used as single heaters, in batteries, and quite often with threaded mounting Httings.

As Ultramax cartridges (see Ultramax options), Supermax cartridges can incorporate a variety of options that include built-in thermocouple, special cable protectrons and special outlets. in both shape and construction.

NORIVIAX Low Density Cartridge Heaters

Normax heating cartridges are made of three elements: an 80/20 nicke|-chrome heating wire spiral, studied for the desired watt density, inserted in a ceramic insulator that resists well to temperature variations and bears good thermal conductivity, all contained in a gauged stainless steel tube.

The ceramic insulatlon consists in a mass of powder magnesium oxide, with a physical structure and particle dimensions that allow:

- excellent density and compactness
- pedect maintenance of the spira|’s position, even when bent or at high temperatures
- minimum oxidation
- optimal heat transmission from the wire to the metal sheath.

The heater is fed by pure nickel flexible cables, insulated with PTFE and fiberglass

Normax cartridges are generally used in practically any cartridge heating application, depending only on the watt density needed. Their most typical applications, though, are in presses for thermo-we|ding, dies for tootware, refrigerators, air conditioners, food-processing machinery. packaging machinery, household appliances. Also typical is the application in the heating of gases, liquids or small metallic bodies, as well as in relatively progressive heating. Very used is also the waterproof version for water heating radiators.

As Ultramax cartridges (see Ultramax options), Normax cartridges can incorporate a variety of options that include built-in thermocouple, special cable protections and special outlets, in both shape and construction
connectors, flanges, threaded fittings, with flexible, rigid, bent, |iquid-proof cable outlets.

MICROMAX Low Voltage Cartridge Heaters

Micromax cartridge heaters are exclusively designed for low-voltage supply (48 V or less). One of the two poles of the resistance wire is welded to the metal sheath, therefore supply voltage is fed to the ground and to the insulated cable,

Micromax heater applications include use in vehicles (industrial vehicles, caravans, boats, etc.), as well as in the heating of injection nozzles for plastics, at a supply voltage of 24 V, due to their being easy to install, small and resistant

Please check Mrcromax standard sizes and technical data. Some of the most important features include
increased watt density at the cartridge bottom (unlike other cartridge models that have a cold length), gradually decreasing watt density on the cartridge toward the cable outlet, perfect repeatability controlled and guaranteed on each single part produced.

AUTOIVIAX Self-Limiting PTC Cartridge Heaters

PTC elements are electronic components made of a polycrystalline ceramic material with a barium titanate base, suitably doped according to the desired work characteristics.

Its peculiar property is instantly rising its resistance in a logarithmic ratio when temperature rises. This process, practically instantaneous, reaches stability at a certain temperature (Curie point). At such temperature the only energy absorbed is the one needed to keep the PTC elements temperature constant.

Therefore, a rather high energy absorption will occur initially, that will then decrease depending, after a while, only on the dissipation coefficient. PTC is indeed the acronym of "Posrtive Temperature Coefficient".

Automax cartridges incorporate PTC elements, thus cannot be classihed with a fixed wattage absorption. Their most significant measurable feature is instead the temperature that the heater`s sheath reaches when the cartridge is powered at the specified voltage and placed in open air at ambient temperature.

The input voltage of Automax cartridges can vary within a considerably broad range (12-36 V and 110-240 V) without significant variations in their efficiency.

In Automax cartridges, PTC lend their properties to the whole heater according to a technology exclusively
developed by Rotfil’s technicians. This involves irreversibly compressing the electrodes on the entire surface of both input faces. This avoids a decrease of the efficiency due to oxidation, mechanical shocks, vibrations, etc. insulation between electrodes and external sheath is given by a ceramic tube with high thermic conductivity, also compressed to provide maximum efficiency in heat transfer.

The main advantages of Automax heaters’ performances are therefore:

-Energy saving
-Quick heating

Enquiry Form for Cartridge Heaters

*: Please, consult all catalogue-listed configurations (for example cable and outlet options).
*: Please, Hll-in only if your application needs a value that differs from catalogue standard.
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